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how does it work
(1),After we get your payment, we will do a payment verify process.If we think there's something suspicious we will give you your money back. If you are buying gold here for first time you will be asked to reply the comfirmation email. This process usually take few minutes.
(2),After the payment verifying process, we will invite you in-game and transfer you your gold.
(3),The whole thing usually takes under 10 mins.

Our vouch thread
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payment can't go through
It's because paypal considers your payment as suspicious, that might be changes at your ip address, or you have changed your computer etc.
You should contact paypal to resolve the problem, or just wait a bit and then try again.

how to keep the trade safe
(1)We use american vpn proxy server, american california time zone, and american language setting in computer(european region game we use german ip, german time zone and language setting).
(2)After the trade we will delete the character and to cover the trade record.
(3)We will split the big order amount into smaller ones.

If you have better method, I'm very willing to hear from you.
I could even pay you if it's valuable information.


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